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happened to the holiday spirit? abc's john schriffen live tonight in columbus circle and john, you've got it all for us. good evening. >> reporter: david, good evening. all day, from shoppers, we've seen the good, the bad and the what were you thinking? when it comes to a discount, you might not believe what some people are willing to fight for. >> here we go! >> reporter: at midnight, when the gate went up, the crowd poured into this victoria's secret in tulsa. all for this. a pink shiny gift bag filled with purr fume and lotions. one of the deals that had black friday shoppers in a frenzy. from a scramble for dvds at a walmart in san diego. to this rush on a forever 21. >> people are going to get hurt! >> reporter: in massachusetts, a toddler loaded into an ambulance after he was left in a parked car at 1:30 in the morning while his caretaker went shopping at kmart. in san antonio, texas, a man tried to punch his way to the front of a line at sears. the los angeles police department deployed hundreds of extra officers and handed out shopping safety tips in local malls. >> so far, so goo
. the president will hold rallies in madison, wisconsin, columbus, ohio, des moines, iowa. governor romney is in florida and lynchburg and fairfax virginia, columbus ohio and in manchester, new hampshire. and it wouldn't be a presidential election without some kind of legal fight in the state of florida. the state's democratic party is suing to extend early voting hours with people reporting lines of up to seven hours at some south florida early polling stations. cnn has this place covered like no other network. we've got dan lothian in madison, wisconsin. jim acosta is in orlando, florida, martin savidge is in cleveland, ohio. miguel marquez is in las vegas, nevada. ed lavandera is in denver, colorado, for us this morning. john zarrella comes to us live from plantation, florida. we want to begin with complete comprehensive coverage with john berman checking in to see how our correspondents are faring. >> thanks, soledad. the candidates are all over the place today. president obama and mitt romney hold atriallies in seven states today. a final frenetic day of campaigning across the battleg
. they had gone into this room and taken out seven textbooks, like rethinking columbus a book that is sold hundreds of thousands of copied, used by kids in rural alaska all the way to rural maine who have that -- and that book was put away into storage. and 11 teachers, almost a dozen teachers were told that they no longer have the right to teach literature from the perspective of mexican-americans, those who have given us our school district from the perspective of rethinking columbus. .. i have to begin, and i will tell you something about our stories. i went to find my story. i had been living outside of tucson for years, and i wanted to come back, working on another book, and deeply ameshed, of course, in other struggles and conflicts as the journalist in the coal fields around the world, back east, the deep south, hearing about tucson, the phoenix i've known, fought with over u of a and asu and the ball game and heard about what was going on, and i was wondering like the rest of the country, what is the matter with arizona? i had to go back in 2010 and try to understand beyond the scr
. >> and take a look at ohio. the president holds a two-point lead according to a "columbus dispatch" poll leading 50%-48%. also, "the denver post" finds the president leading mitt romney, 47%-45%. >> another reason to be disturbed. right now, willie, mitt romney should be ahead in colorado. he should be ahead -- i'm just saying, he should be ahead in colorado, in virginia. he should be ahead in north carolina. he should be ahead in florida. he is according to "the miami herald" poll. virginia and colorado are two states that really give me pause for the romney camp. >> especially virginia. let's pause for a moment and appreciate how close this race is. we just went through about ten polls all either tied or within the margin of error. >> today, 24 hours to go, you can look at the polls. it's okay. >> they matter. >> i would ask you, mark, about ohio. we've sat here for weeks and said this is really going to come down to ohio. that poll was two points. the president has had some polls over the last week that showed him with a bigger lead. where are you hearing this race is right now? >> it
pittsburgh. 30 in columbus. 38 this morning in new york city. still have this cold chunk of air and area of high pressure to our north. that will be a good thing, because it will give us clearing skies shortly. few light showers south and east of the city. southern maryland, st. mary's city, might encounter a light shower or across the bay into st. michaels. few light sprinkles early. upper level disturbance moving through quickly. should move north and east, and you can see into the west now where we're getting clearing skies and that means lots of sunshine shortly. i think by 9:00, 10:00 this morning, should be mostly sunny and bright and beautiful afternoon. 54 today. weekend forecast generally looking good. 54 tomorrow. sunday, partly sunny. redskins and d.c. united. will not be raining, but clouds sunday afternoon. monday cloudy. most of next week looks quiet. traveling tuesday and wednesday, thursday looks good, too, for thanksgiving. >> thanks, tuck. >> let's go to julie wright now. >> good morning, tony, allison, tucker. you'll find traffi
columbus. the first lady michelle obama is campaigning in virginia today. at 5:30 eastern, we will take you to petersburg where she will be speaking with supporters. tonight on c-span, mitt romney and paul brian will be joined by their wives for a rally in west chester, ohio. another big names are appearing including condoleezza rice and senator john mccain this evening at 7:30 eastern and we will have that live on c-span. while we wait to hear from president obama in ohio, part of this morning's "washington journal," good morning to you. i want to assure you that 2012 battleground map we have been featuring for the last week or so here on the "washington journal." assuring the swing states in this election. this morning on the washington journal, we want to hear from the voters in the non-yellow states. everyone else in a blue, give us a call. we want to hear what you think about campaign 2012. our phone lines are open. we have already been getting a few comments on facebook. we want to start of christopher's from minnesota, he writes in, the electoral college needs to go away. john from m
, wisconsin, columbus, ohio, freeport, illinois, newton, iowa, denver, colorado, miami, florida, we have been every of where. americans everywhere feel the pulse of this country, we can do better. this is an election about the hard working people that i have e met all over this country. so tomorrow we can take a right turn and go back to the policies that hurt the middle class or continue down the path of progress with president obama. i ask you to do one thing tomorrow. get out and vote. that's "the ed show." the "the rachel maddow show" starts right now. good evening, rachel. >> good evening. i'm look forward to being here with you all tomorrow night. it's going to be great. thanks for staying with us for the next hour. four years ago tonight, it was actually the night after the '08 presidential election. we voted november 4th. we vote november 6th this time. so november 5th was the night after barack obama had just walloped john mccain in that year's presidential election. you remember the electoral college map. the total 365 electoral votes for obama and only 173 for john mccain. barack o
and columbus, ohio. how does it look? >> yes, i can hear you. we does have some fresh numbers in ohio. i tell you, it's not looking good for governor romney. fifty to 47% right now. we have more than 3 million votes cast in over half way there. here is what i don't like about the future for governor romney. ottawa county, which has picked the presidential winner every year since 1948 has come down with 100% of precincts reporting 51 to warty seven for barack obama. i see the senator here, we know senator dewine, he is not the attorney general. it's not looking good for mitt romney at the moment. >> we knew that the early votes that would come in would be the absentee ballot. that is about 77,000 behind. it is a distinct possibility that we may not get a result tonight or tomorrow morning. we may be in these provisional ballots. >> we will be camping out for how long? >> the least lebanese. >> former senator, mike dewine. neil: the winner had to win by 300,000 votes or more to avoid any of this. anyone less, whether barack obama or mitt romney -- then, you know, we will see. they have these pr
this morning. let's look at what it has let in new york city. a live picture that is the columbus circle area to the right is central park there is traffic buses are moving the snow on the sidewalks, what you can't see is how windy it still feels, how blustery and cold it is normally something like this would be no big deal but this is after superstorm sandy. the falling temperatures are adding to the problems for those who already lost heat and electricity because of sandy. new jersey issued mandatory evacuation order for several coastline communities. >> cops are knocking on doors telling us we to evacuate immediately. they are expecting another surge of water and they want everybody out of the houses. >> we may face a setback in the next 24 hours. you need to be prepared for that. i'm prepared for that. >> a lot of people still without power, more have jut lost power people shivering in the cold some out of their homes from sandy drivers dealing with icy roads, closed highways on top of gas shortages and adjusted mass transit. >>> nor'easter is affecting travel here. 11 flights scheduled t
from texas today. she's out on the campaign trail in columbus, ohio. good to see you as well, congresswoman. >> fredricka, good to be with you this afternoon. >> excellent. let's begin. we're talking about these candidates, president obama, mitt romney, they are crisscrossing these battleground states. let me begin with you, congressman price. you heard kyung talking about colorado being so vital. it was obama country during the last election, but with the one third independent voters made up much of suburban moms, is this a strategy that romney is going to be spending more time there later on today. how focused is he on colorado and trying to sway perhaps those one third independent voters? >> that's colorado and it's wisconsin and it's ohio and pennsylvania and all of the other states that are still in play. and the independent voters are indeed absolutely pivotal. each candidate want to make sure they get out their base, their base voters. when we look at the independent votes which is why we believe so strongly that governor romney will be the next president, we see high
in columbus, ohio. shannon bream at the republican watch party if des moines, iowa. good evening, shannon. >> reporter: hello, bret. well, republicans here in iowa are hoping that romney will pull off a somewhat unexpected win. there is something down ticket that could help him. in 2009, the state supreme court here legalized same-sex marriage. that motivated and mobilized conservatives and evangelical christians. they had three of the justices that signed on to the opinion removed. a fourth justice on the ballot. that is not all. control of the state senate is control by democrats. conservatives hope to win it back to give them control of the both state houses and enabling them to pass legislation to been a the same-sex marriage. if the evident to get out the vote on the same-sex marriage issue is successful, it could help romney. secretary of state here says there have been very few complaints about the voting irregularities. the biggest complaint is vote whose didn't get the "i voted" sticker. take it now to steve brown in ohio. >> reporter: hey, shannon. yes, in ohio, the polls close
that columbus area. guest: columbus the state capital is where the ohio state is, that has become the key swing area of the state. it is growing. it has younger voters. it is a fluent. it is in an area that the previous bush's had one. but president obama made it flipped and took it by several percentage points. i think you are seeing a lot of attention in going there. this weekend, president obama will be finishing topping off his ohio campaigning in central ohio. in the past tv of cycles, we have seen the democratic candidate come up in northeast ohio and try to make that pushed. i think he is comfortable with the get out to vote efforts. he ought to go down -- he has to appeal to the swing areas. more independent voters. and you had this educated, affluent group, the base around ohio state university. and that has been critical. in the end, if you show that map, ohio is broken up, we have said it for years into 5 ohios. those five areas, plus some of the border areas, we have about seven media markets. it makes a very expensive to campaign here. in gubernatorial races and some presidential r
north beach branch library. city officials will be on hand for the 11:00 ceremony at columbus and lombard. entertainment will be provided by beach blanket babylon. it's funded by $106 million voter aproved bond measure. >> new, the council will consider three on options. it ranges from a ban on blowers to ban on those loud blowers but to heighten. leach blowers are banned and must be on low speed the rest of the time. >> lisa: starting out nice and mellow. vollmer peak. we are looking at higher clouds making for a beautiful sunrise. sun came up and don't forget to set your clock back. plenty of 50s out there. we are warmer than we were yesterday in most areas. 54 in oakland. 54 in san francisco and narrow range of highs today, but we're all going to warm up a little bit to above average readings. big ridge of high pressure that builds throughout the day today to bring warmer conditions today. more 70s and 60s, records are likely monday and tuesday. 68 downtown, 72 in oakland today. >> terry: in the news this saturday morning, menlo park police investigate a drive-by shooting.
votes done early. richard trumka, the president of the afl-cio was speaking at an event in columbus today, talking about the importance of getting people out to vote. here is why. the obama campaign made it a sfr piece because they believe they can win it and get younger people out to the polls and people out there camp to the polls and president obama has a lead going into the early vote. and absentee, is strong enough, because the republicans believe they'll win in the election day voting. >> peter doocy is live in fairfax, virginia where national polls are showing the race between governor mitt romney and president obama is a statistical dead heat. peter? >> that's right, uma, here in fairfax county today, virginia's largest locality. 1.1 million people live here and barack obama won this county by 109,000 votes in 2008. helping him win the state of virginia, we've seen a steady stream of people walking from the parking lot into the polls, today is the last day in virginia and you can vote absentee in person and since every vote is important in virginia in 2012, asking them what
position. this is where we're seeing the enthusiasm is on the president's side. frankly, i'm in columbus, ohio. and i've been to phone banks. i've been to canvas operations. and there are women everywhere coming out of the woodwork who are volunteering for president, and who are turning out to vote. >> heather, i want to bring you in here. you know, part of the problem that romney has had, he has not tried the say too, too much on anything related to women. but then he appears in ads with people like richard mourdock, and the republican party is filled with these whackos that say the things they do and can't help themselves. bill clinton had plenty to say about richard mourdock yesterday. let's take a listen to what he had to say. >> the nominee who defeated him said he wanted to go to washington to bring more partisanship, that his idea of a happy day was enforcing his opinion on someone else. i don't want and governor romney endorsed the guy. we cannot afford to put the white house and the congress in the hands of people who say it is my way or the highway. >> now he -- clinton is of c
'm going to be watching most is the area around columbus, franklin county. and it's not just for a selfish purpose. i really think that is going to be a county that could swing either way. we've seen that in congressional races and we've seen that in presidential races in the past. a lot of folks have looked at southwest ohio where cincinnati is. it's expected president obama will take cincinnati. i think franklin county could be where a lot of action is tonight. i can oaga county, where cleveland is, that's going to be heavily democratic. in fact, all of northern ohio is going to be heavily democratic. western ohio, alongside i-75, which leads up to michigan, that's going to be strong republican turnout. and of course we have the rural areas. those are going to be interesting to watch as well. >> one of the things we heard so much in the campaigns is it's a story about unemployment, and especially in ohio. i've pulled up the unemployment numbers, according to the bureau of labor statistics as of september 2012, and on the lower half of the state you see pretty bad unemployment, 9.4% in mo
in columbus, ohio. the labor unions which basically run turnout for the democratic party, we don't have that analog. it is run by the local republican parties so we can't go in and do a lot of on the ground door knocking. we tried it in 2010. it was very difficult because we don't have the store front and we don't have the brand. we did expand the map at the end. it obviously wasn't successful. i just don't know how we could have done it differently. if you look at the exit polls, the way that obama won was on the ground in cleveland with a lot of the minority voters. i just don't know that's a job for super pacs. >> do you feel the same way that super pacs can't do this? they can't be ground efforts because they don't have a brand? >> i don't think that they can be ground efforts. you have to leave that to the campaign. romney failed on that. or the parties. but i will say the republican side suffered in some ways from having too much money. because there were all these groups, crossroads may not have a brand but each group can have one specific message that you keep driving and drivin
: we're going now to tom, from columbus, ohio. we're discussing the resignation of general david petraeus. your thoughts? caller: i have a couple of questions. the first, i have read where the house, eric cantor knew something about this relationships fairly early on. is there any reason this was not used as material for the republicans to win the election? host: you think that it was a legitimate campaign issue, going back to the timeline of events from "usa today"? going back to the time line -- general petraeus spoke to the source on the same day, that is the time line that was laid out. caller: i think it would have been a credible campaign event. it is just curious, with all the mudslinging of a presidential election, that someone did not take ball and run with it, i guess. i am curious as to why someone, even some low-level, did not try to test the waters and push this into the media to find out if there could be a bite in the last week or two before the election. host: thank you for the call, from ohio this morning. the woman who has been in -- implicated with general petr
, now, with jack hanna, director emeritus at the columbus zoo, host of "jack hanna's wild countdown." and he's brought along some very active fellas, obviously. >> these are lions. these aren't people's pets. going back to africa about 1978, this animal has decreased 80% in the wild. 80%. the animal, like rabbits, is almost gone. >> how old? >> a little baby lion. >> almost nine weeks. >> that's remarkable, the claws. >> they can have six or seven cubs at a time. they can be heard about five miles away when they roar. >> this one making a little coughing noise. early, he makes a little hacking sound. >> they learn all this stuff when they grow up. >> can we touch? is that going to be okay? >> it looks real nice to people at home. but the american zoo and aquarium association, a lot of the animals, from breeding zones. this could end up in the columbus zoo. >> it is a beautiful, beautiful -- >> aren't they something? >> yeah. >> they really are. >> who else do we have? >> you manage to do this, still, after 30 years of being here, bringing animals i never heard of before. this is a c
with us? we will go on to brooklyn, in columbus, ohio, on our democratic line. >> i just wanted to say congratulations to obama and his family, and go obama. >> we will go next to miami, florida. >> i just wanted to basically say congratulations, obama. i am proud to be a first-time voter. i think things are really going to change in four years. it is his second time in. i think, to the point that he is not running for reelection, the republicans in congress will -- they will stop stalling everything he is trying to do, and try to give the president a chance to change things. >> steve think this will be different? >> i definitely do. this election had a lot of name- calling, trying to attack the other candidates. people have noticed that, and have reacted negatively toward the. obviously, romney did not win the election. i think people are looking for the positive things they will do for the country, instead of, this guy is going to do this. things like that. i think it is a step forward. >> we are joined from nebraska on the independent line. thanks for waiting. >> thank you for takin
fellow idahoans over for a barbecue. >> let's head south, columbus, georgia, great neighborhood, 209,000. >> in columbus prices are also up 10%. that was one of the foreclosure capitals of the world. totally changed around. looking at that quaint cottage feel like you're in england but the mesh flag gives it away. sweet, sweet house. it has a dining room that has a bank of beautiful bay windows and original ceiling medallions. the kitchen has freshly painted cabinets, on the small size by nice and mild counter and hardwood floors and this porch comes with iron work trim and a swing in the back. never will use it but everybody likes to have it and there's a flagstone patio. >> gorgeous. >> big green lawn out back. >> and let's end up in phoenix, arizona, hard to believe but only 229,9. >> easy to impress, but you don't see many yellow garage doors and triples but, for this house. made for someone who doesn't like to mow the lawn, all gravel. a mild floor throughout entire house which makes it easy to maintain. >> just don't drop anything. >> of course you can't do that, there's a tota
those votes. we've been to columbus, cleveland. those are the high numbers that the president, scott, is too close to call there tonight my campaign sources say. >> pelley: jan, thank you. the president of course has been working ohio just as hard. it is key to the president's election tonight if he is to be re-elected tonight. if he can win ohio, he can effectively block the romney campaign. and nancy cordes is covering the uniquobama campaign. she's in chicago tonight. nancy you spent quite a bit of time in ohio as well. >> i sure did, scott. the other day was a perfect example. we're five days out from election day. the president spentsdz the you're day barn storming ohio. heads home to the whitehouse to sleep and then comes right back out to ohio in the morning. to give you a sense of just sowch he naifers this one state, he held 101 campaign rallies across the country he this election season. 26 of them, more than a quarter were in one state, ohio. and he wasn't just in the big cities, he went to the suburbs, he went to small towns. and the main reason that the ohio campaign fo
ron claiborne wants to weigh in. he's in ohio, he's in columbus right now and you are there at the secretary of state's office and we know every single vote, every polling place is being watched tonight, ron. >> reporter: they're being watched very closely and, diane, 1.6, 1.8 million voters actually voted early either by absentee ballots or in person going to early voting stations. those will be the first votes counted. we start to get those in about 20, maybe 30 minutes from now. we will get an indication, for example, if there is a high turnout in those early voting areas around cleveland. that would be very favorable to president obama. and meanwhile, as you were saying, the auto bailout has figured prominently in this state something like one in eight jobs are involved in the auto industry and the obama campaign was able to really bludgeon mitt romney with that issue in recent days in a way magnifying romney's attack line saying that those jeeps would be built in china. the response was so overwhelming by the obama administration and auto executives it may hav
campaign 2012 coverage. our next call from columbus, ohio. this is vai on our line for democrats. caller: fellow how are you? host: tulsa about the races you are watching? caller: sharon brown is ohio. he has done everything. i do not believe he is honest. he said nasty things about mr. brown. he is a wonderful man. and he is great for ohio. i am also a veteran. i support all of the things that the president and the democratic party has done for ohio. i have seen many elections. i am 81 years old. i support all of the women's rights groups. and with the president is doing for our country. now my daughter is from indiana. she is also a strong supporter of the president. we all work with the campaign. i have a brother in new jersey who is going through the terrible things that happened there. also in support of the president. host: have you done anything as far as the brown campaign in the state? caller: i am a little old for knocking on the doors but i worked and one of the offices here for the democratic party. i have been sick for the last three weeks, but i have knocked on doors. i vot
of the economy. host: columbus, indiana, independent scholar. guest: how are things in bartholomew county? caller: they are great. are among social security. i do not live above my means. -- i am awed social security. they would rather reform taxes for people working here from foreign countries. maybe it would help us get our economy back on track again. guest: reform taxes for people here from foreign countries? host: taxing them more, i assume? guest: i think that's a fairly small percentage of the american workforce, foreign nationals. referring to people in the country illegally would be something else. look. we need to take a complete look at the tax code and i think congress will be doing that. how to restructure this in ways to help the economy grow? that is the biggest challenge right now. it's a very competitive world out there. the population is aging and we are not creating enough jobs and investment. what can we do with the 10,000 page tax code to make it easier to hire people come to invest, and grow the economy? two, there are certain things we have to pay for, social security, nati
them he bought the ticket in arizona. >>> cops in columbus, ohio believe they won 1 million bucks. they bought their ticket at this gas station. once the ticket is validated, 22 officers, i love this, will take home about $32,000 each after taxes. isn't that great? >> it is really great. ten minutes after the hour. an accused murderer and signing autographs. the twist in the trayvon martin case coming up. and select generc hypertension drugs available for only a penny... so you can focus on what really matters. call humana at 1-800-808-4003. so you can focus on what really matters. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. pretty sweet, huh? cute. but don't you have any apps on your phone that can make your life easier? who do you think i am, quicken loans? at quicken loans, we'll provide you with myql mob
to the white house coverage of to romney campaign events tomorrow. his wife will be in a rally in columbus ohio, live beginning and noon eastern. you can watch both events live here on c-span and at our website, new jersey suffered some worst damage from hurricane sandy. today, president obama visited the state with governor chris christie and spoke about the federal government's response to the disaster. this is 15 minutes. >> i promise, you are going to be ok. we are going to get this whole thing set up. this is the owner of the marines arrive here. i want to make sure that she knows -- the owner of a marina right here. how long have you had the marina? since 1996? nothing like this has ever happened. well, we will get it done, i promise. we are going to see what we can do. we will try to work through, obviously folks' homes, making sure the power is back on, making sure the streets are clear and all the debris is gone. we want to make sure the small businesses are up and running. is the head of emergency management. he knows what to do. [indiscernible] the other thing is, i know
were watching columbus stumble across america. latino voters, who knew? demographic changes moving slow as glaciers but this one seemed to sneak up on the news media like a sudden thunderstorm. i've been trying to introduce my colleagues to real latinos and immigrants for sometime. i've worked on bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bills and stayed at the table to work out a compromise, even after all republicans had left the table, but the republican party seem much more interested in the imaginary latinos they tried to use as a wedge issue so they craft messages aimed at the very few americans who are not offended when immigrants are referred to as criminals, gang bangers, freeloaders, law breakers whenever they are spoken about in america. the party nominated a presidential candidate who has creative ways to defend latinos. call for the more than -- more than 10 million families and say just support them. celebrate the extreme arizona laws, check. threatened to veto the dream act and let hundreds of thousands of young people who applied for deford action, fear for their futur
and stretched his energy policy. they're democrats, but he thinks he can pick up the votes. columbus, cleveland, those are high numbers for the president. it's too close to call there my campaign sources say. >> jan, thank you. the president has been working ohio just as hard. it is key to the president's election tonight if he is to be reelected tonight. if he can win ohio, he can effectively block the romney campaign and nancy cortis is covering the obama campaign. you spent time in ohio as well. >> reporter: i sure did, scott. it was a perfect example. we were out five days from election day. the president spends the entire day barn storming ohio, heads to the white house to sleep and comes right back out to ohio in the morning. to give you a sense of just how much he favored this one state, he held 101 campaign rallies across the country this campaign season. 26 of them, more than a quarter, were in one state, ohio and he wasn't just in the big cities. he went to suburbs and small towns. the main reason the obama campaign felt their chances were better in ohio than say virginia or florida
american population. in most places, those tend to go democratic. from columbus, indiana on the democratic line. caller: i am wanting to have a conversation or have the speaker discuss what he felt the numbers represented in terms of the 39% of white voters. people make assumptions about the various minorities and who would represent their interests best. maybe there is more about that percentage of white voters who shows -- who chose obama. guest: the president also strong support among white voters came from college educated -- the president's strongest support among white voters came from college-educated white women. it is also true that the president did fairly well with white, working-class voters in key states such as ohio. his ability to hold on to support for what you might think of as the old democratic coalition, which was heavily focused on white, working-class voters -- he held on to those voters in ohio, wisconsin, iowa, in part because of support for the auto bailout, in part because of mitt romney's background as a venture capitalist did not sit well with those voters. the
. they have contributed to our culture. and we are not saying that you should suppress the. we have columbus day parade for italian americans. we have polish-american bridge. we have include a mile in texas. we even have anglo-american celebration i had reported say what's it look like? i said if you ever been to the american revolution meeting? it's a commemoration. as long as -- it has to be on the right. you're an italian-american. you're in anglo-american. hispanic american. and i talk to someone from germany last year who chose to become an american, and i said why. he said, you have so much more freedom here. in germany, there are tremendous expectations about what you're supposed to do and how you're supposed to behave, based on your family background. here you are free. we want people who yearn for that freedom to come to deny states. they always have that we want him to continue to do so. it's what makes us americans. >> we have a question down here. may be if you could answer questions in hand the microphone and will try to take both questions. >> i'm a canadian working in u.s. on
spent 3-1. yes some super pacs temmins if you are watching tv in columbus ohio you were seeing a lot of negative ads. there were quite effective. they were about the auto industry bailout and policy proposals for mischaracterizing but they were pretty effective. so, we can't forget that it wasn't a level playing field until the end even after the convention when they were available to mitt romney which he needed to be able to try to respond we still were not on all of the markets in ohio and we were being held spent and said that as a cumulative affect. i chaired the effort in ohio but he would find the same thing is true in the other swing states. back to your question how do you take these policy issues and translate them i do think it is a huge challenge and i would suggest a lot of people in the room share the same challenge to the extent of getting partisanship that you believe and policies that lead to economic growth and jobs you will find it's tough to communicate. i'm a former trade representative and i use trade as an example i but suggest to many of you to depend on a glob
of columbus about 30 minutes. >> what does turn out like today, or did you vote early? >> i voted today. i voted today at a very small community church. matter of fact, i was by myself. someone was walking out as i walked in. >> as a republican, what is your reaction to the results? >> i am unhappy. i am the republican unicorn that is going to tell you why, romney it lost. i have to agree with the lady that spoke about the republicans going so far right. i want to reclaim the republicans back, where they used to be. it started with president bush, the second bush, and the patriot act. it basically destroyed civil rights. i went crazy at that point. i just thought, what is going on with this party? i have always been a republican. now, they are going so far to the right it is ridiculous. they used to be the party of fiscal responsibility. they used to be the party of government staying out of your personal business, out of your home. now, that are wanting to tell people who they can marry, and all this other stuff. it is ridiculous. john boehner needs to take back the republican party. star
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